Photovoltaic solar installation on deck: 488 kWp (Costa Rica)

Photovoltaic solar installation with coplanar structure on the roof of a company dedicated to the manufacture of medical devices located in Costa Rica (year 2018).

Currently, Alterna Energía performs comprehensive maintenance to preserve the overall performance of the solar installation.

Solar installations on roof and canopies: 1,2 MWp (Sevilla)

Design and construction of a solar photovoltaic installation for self-consumption in Seville. The project consists of an installation on deck in existing buildings and the placement of a solar canopy in the parking lot.

Alterna Energía currently carries out the comprehensive maintenance of the solar installation, preserving their overall performance and minimizing the energy consumption of the network.

Solar installations on roof and canopies: 1,2 MWp (Sevilla)