Inexhaustible energy source

Alterna Energía is well known for its quality and service in the renewable energy industry,

having devoted the past 15 years to providing photovoltaic systems for business.

Alterna Energía is a well-known name in the photovoltaic industry thanks to its experience in building and maintaining photovoltaic systems

Strongly focused on the client, we meet the most demanding standards, giving priority to safety, reliability and the quality of our services.

Alterna undertakes each project with the utmost rigour and always aims for excellence as its distinguishing feature: own design of engineering, exclusive adjustments according to the type of roof and ground, maximum customisation, guarantees and commitment.

Alterna Energía, proyectos fotovoltaicos Alterna Energía, construcción y mantenimiento de plantas fotovoltaicas

Alterna Energía shares its team of expert swith companies in Spain and abroad.

Alterna Liberty - Self-consumption

Alterna Liberty is an all-in-one solution for the Engineering, Building and Maintenance of self-consumption projects.

With Alterna Liberty, companies save from the very first day, earning a return on the investment in no time and ensuring energy efficiency in the long term, whilst fostering sustainability by consuming renewable energy.

Alterna’s team of experts leads the entire project from the very start. We guide our clients to develop tailor-made solutions, secure licences, take care of the engineering, execute the work and maintain the system to ensure maximum efficiency throughout its useful life.

Our turnkey proposal integrates all the services required, from the initial study to its operation. All this at unbeatably competitive prices and offering project financing options.

Alterna Liberty es la solución integral de IngenieríaAlterna Liberty Proyectos de autoconsumo